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Leafy Sea Dragon, Rapid Bay

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Hya! This is my first attempt at building a website and yes, I will make it a lot better and a lot less generic looking than this and add a lot more content as time goes by. But to start things off, I guess my aim here is draw attention to local South Australian marine life through the eyes and lens of a diver with the hope that others will see what we see.

Our state's unique sites, despite not being the warm tropical waters of North Queensland or any other exotic location around the world, offer a lot more than what initially meets the eye. This is evidenced by the fact that SA has one of the highest rates of endemic sea life, that being fish, animal (up to 75%) and plant and algae life (80-85%) that's only found in our waters, than anywhere else in the world.

That's right, our waters may be shallow, cold and the visibility not always much more than 10 metres (often less than 5) and our fish and other critters may not be as immediately colourful as many other well known holiday destinations but much of what we do have is exclusively all ours and in many ways just as exciting.

To start with all the photos shown will be my own, therefore limiting the variety to just what I alone have seen and have been able to get a photo, good quality or otherwise, of but as I figure things out and the word spreads the variety of what this state has to showcase will grow. Together with a series of informative articles and advice of where to dive here in South Oz, I hope that this site will deliver more than just a bunch of pretty pictures. But for now, methinks that's a pretty good place to start...

Cheers, Deepy :-)

Male Ornate Cowfish


Giant Australian Cuttlefish

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